The environmental problem isn’t going to fix itself. Government can’t do it. Technology has no answers. There isn’t time for today’s children—first victims of humanity’s long history of ecological destruction—to grow up and save themselves from ecological ruin. We, the last environmental saviors, must do it for them. There is a way….
Get on board the “Green Train.” We have a revolution to start!

There is but one solution to the encroaching environmental problem: a green-consumer revolution that literally buys the children out of ecological ruin before it’s too late. It’s not as wild as it may seem. Everything is in place to turn the vaunted free-enterprise system into the most formidable champion of environmental preservation possible. All that’s missing are the savvy consumers and enough supporters to get this train underway. Taking care of the consumer education is the forthcoming book The Horizon Children; Lessons for the Last Environmental Saviors. Filling the Green Train with supporters starts right here with you. Get on board. You will love the journey.

What’s expected of our train-load of revolutionaries?

  • Get educated enough to help “make markets” for better alternatives to polluting technologies, products services, processes and
    practices. The book and related programming will take care of that.
  • Respond to environmentally degrading products and services with purchasing decisions that state a preference for non-polluting/low-
    polluting options. Buy “green” like the children’s lives depend on it. It does.
  • Speak-out and stand-up for the children and the children they will have when grown. Don’t go quiet and distant when the children
    need us to be bold and tough.
  • Invest at least $30 in the coming Kickstarter crowd-sourcing campaign to help raise the funding necessary to publish and market the
    revolution’s guide-book, The Horizon Children; Lessons for the Last Environmental Saviors. You can invest more, but the $30
    commitment—getting a book in exchange—will get us well-launched.
  • Pass on this message to anyone you know who may be concerned about the ecological future of today’s children.

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