An Introduction to…The 7 Deadly Sins of Ecological Destruction Shopping list for consumer purchases that actually saves the environment

Destroy or substantially alter the human carrying capacity of the biosphere and homo sapiens will cease to exist.

Modern man has been hard at work for 8,000 years essentially doing that very thing, especially in the last 200 years.

Today, we call the results of all that hard work “the environmental problem.”

It is the total of all the overarching environmental dislocations known to science, plus those not yet realized.

The former includes:

  • global warming
  • oceanic warming
  • rising seas
  • the chemical alteration of the atmosphere
  • ocean acidification
  • desertification
  • shifting climate zones
  • fresh water loss from melting snowpack, glaciers and terrestrial ice-caps
  • shrinking rivers and lakes
  • soil loss
  • human habitat loss
  • sea contamination
  • more frequent and intense storms
  • and increased wild-fire destruction.

Run-out the trend-lines on the known problems from this point forward and they all cross into the danger zone of human intolerance in the timeframe occupied by today’s children when grown and the children they will have by then.


Cause & Effect

What’s behind the ecological destructiveness that now converges on today’s newborns, and what can be done to save them now that we know the American government, for one, isn’t even going to try?

Upon careful analyses, it turns out that there is a way:

We, the adults of the day—the “last environmental saviors”—can literally buy the children out of ecological ruin.


Forego the polluting technologies, products, services, processes and practices that cause the problems, buy instead the non-polluting/low-polluting alternatives, and the problems will go away.

There are only seven causes of those “Big-14” environmental problems just noted.

Three of those causes—coal, oil-based fuels and natural gas—produce 10 of the problems. The other four are all consumer-manageable.

None of the causes are complex. Neither are the solutions.

Nowhere in the remedies is there a step-back in human convenience or comfort.

All the causes can be addressed quickly by consumers demanding of the marketplace goods and services that serve them not to harm them or their offspring.

In the rush by business to fill that market demand would come a vibrant new economic order flush with exciting new jobs and careers, entrepreneurial wealth and tax flows.

So, while the seven deadly causes of the environmental problem steadily degrade the biosphere, they flag unmistakably where consumers must focus their purchasing power…

Explore the solutions to each, and remember this: there is nothing inevitable about the demise of the human carrying capacity of the biosphere (HCCB), and no one should be sitting around waiting for government to solve the problem.

Motivated consumers, operating in the marketplace in the best-interest of the children, can solve the environmental problem quicker and more surely than anything else.

So, wake up!

Buy “green” like the children’s lives depend on it. It does.


Read Solution to Sin #1: Deforestation Now.



John Thompson is an Atlanta-based CDC Knight Journalism Fellow and author of the books The Environmental Entrepreneur (Longstreet Press, 1992) and The Horizon Children; Lessons for the Last Environmental Saviors (, scheduled for release in 2018.

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